Deontological code

The Code

As Marathon Ltd. employees, we are committed to upholding honour and reputation in the execution of our work as credit investigators and collection agents, ensuring that our clients are served not only with skill, but also with integrity.

Personnel must respect the following code of professional conduct:

  • Comply with Canadian and provincial consumer protection laws, including An Act respecting the protection of personal information.
  • Maintain integrity, dignity and respect toward all staff members, clients and management in all circumstances.
  • Conscientiously and fairly carry out responsibilities to management, clients and the public.
  • Respect and safeguard the confidential nature of information and opinions received during credit investigations or collection operations, regardless of the source, so that no party is exposed to harm or embarrassment.
  • Ensure that credit information gathered in the course of collection operations is based on confidentiality and cooperation between clients and debtors.
  • Unite with management to denounce unfair practices, the non-respect of company policies, fraud, corruption or lawbreaking.
  • Daily demonstrate and encourage good behaviour marked by a positive attitude toward clients, other staff members and management.

Commitment to respecting the deontological code makes Marathon Ltd a better company, to the benefit of our clients.

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