Free consultation for collection matter

8-day notice

Your consultant can provide you with an 8-day notice system at little cost, allowing you to identify a recalcitrant debtor before proceeding with recovery actions.


Why lose money on bad debt? Too often, our clients take things for granted. For example, we often ear: “we pride ourselves on longstanding customers”. However, the day may come when one of those customers defaults on payment and we face a potential loss. It’s one of the most common bad debt situations. How many times have we been told by the customer that we’d turn to debt collection only as a last resort? Why wait? Paying a commission for debt recovery is far better than writing off bad debt.

Time is too often a factor contributing to arrears. Put the odds in your favor by entrusting your collection files to the hands of a recovery expert.

  • Mastery of recovery techniques
  • Legal support to force a settlement after judgment is rendered
  • Action spanning North America
  • Round-the-clock online access to your collection files

Your collection agency is a tool designed to maintain your goal of protecting your money. Time is a decisive factor when dealing with debt collection.

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