Credit report

When should I authorize a credit assessment? A credit assessment is recommended in the case of new customers, during an annual update or whenever an authorized credit line has been exceeded.

Our commitment to providing you with an up-to-date credit report by launching a credit investigation upon receipt of your request is what sets us apart; ranking our quality services a cut above our competitors.

  • Launched the day of your order
  • Up-to-date
  • Easy to interpret
  • Relevant and structured information
  • Up-to-date technology and communications systems
  • Flexible presentation of information to meet your needs
  • Various credit reports according to your needs
  • Data analysis and appraisals to help you make a decision
  • Reports comprising activity in Canada, the USA and internationally

Marathon has the expertise to provide you with a written recommendation regarding your customer’s solvability and risk.

Our experts can find a solution to make your credit sales a reality.

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Credit policy

How important is a written credit policy? Every business should have a written credit policy in place, because it defines the company’s goals:

  • Credit management in a global business context
  • Efficient application
  • Flexible and appropriate customer service
  • Management well informed of credit, accounts receivable and recovery files
  • Firm management of credit lines and successful recovery

Strategic plan

Accountability and responsIbility (positions implicated)
  • General management
  • Credit department
  • Sales department
  • Comptroller
Definition of responsIbilities
  • Credit personnel
  • Sales staff
  • Administrative personnel

Implementing a credit policy
makes it possible to:

  • Harmonize interactions among a company’s in-house departments
  • Promote customer relationships and business development based on trust
  • Self assess goals
  • Significantly improve cash flow and substantially reduce financial loss due to bad debt

Credit application

What is the difference between a trade reference sheet and a credit application (contract)? A world of difference, a trade reference sheet gathers certain information about your customer, while a credit application (contract) is a management tool. Credit application contract is an essential tool to ensure sound management of the credit department and is a determining factor when it comes to recovering your money. To better understand the legal benefits of a credit application (contract), talk with one of our sales representatives.

Is it possible to lose sales by requiring a signed credit application (contract)? No, It’s a matter of perception on the part of the sales team. That’s why it’s important to separate credit management from sales. When managed well, establishing a good business relationship never means losing sales.

We also provide a turnkey service for accounts set-up. The service includes:

  • The credit application (contract), bearing your company’s logo
    and exhaustive contractual obligation
  • Verification of the your customer’s legal name
  • Fax or e-mail transmission of the credit application (contract) to your customer,
    accompanied by an introductory letter on your company’s letterhead
  • Follow-up to ensure the signed application is returned quickly
  • Reception and handling of the various forms and subsequent forwarding to your company’s offices

Please contact your representative for details.


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Do you have a policy in place to determine the solvability of your biggest suppliers? Stock shortages can be costly….
Many North American companies outsource the manufacture of equipment, machinery or products to other countries. What if one of these suppliers asked to be paid in advance? A credit investigation can save you time and money.

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