your accounts receivable

Why outsource credit services? Cost reduction is one of the factors inciting businesses from every sector of the economy to outsource. Lowering general and administrative costs represents a substantial gain in efficiency, time and productivity by 30 to 50%.

This service includes:

  • Rigorous follow-up of payment promises
  • Assessment of credit risk
  • Knowledge of commercial credit
  • A courteous approach
  • Maintaining good customer relations
  • The latest technology

Benefits :

  • Reduces operating costs for your financing department
  • Reduces recourse to your credit line and allows you to benefit from discounts with major suppliers
  • Reduces accounts receivable in arrears
  • Increases your sales volume and profits

We have several packages available, from follow-up of receivables to managing the credit department, according to your needs. Talk to our representative for more information.

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