Registering a security enables you to hold exclusive ownership of the products you sell in North America up to the time your customer has paid you. This highly useful tool can secure and increase your volume of annual sales.

Services provided


Register a security to maintain your ownership. We can register the following legal securities for you:

  • Registered lien
  • Builders’/mechanics’ construction lien
    (legal hypothec in Québec)
  • Conventional mortgage
  • General Security Agreement
  • Purchase Money Security agreement
  • Personal guarantee
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If you sell equipment or machinery, it’s important to know if your customer’s inventory has been used as security for a third party.
Modification of an existing lien, modifying information (e.g., a change of address) or modifying collateral.
Extend the duration of the security for a fixed number of years, thereby conserving your rank.
Release of the lien


Description of security contracts**

Paralegal services
1. Registered lien

Publication of your right to ownership of the sold good pending complete payment. You may repossess your good if you haven’t been paid and your rights are set up against third parties i.e., anyone who may have purchased it within the 15-day period following the sale and publication in the Register. Your lien is first ranking, placing it before that of financial institutions or lenders. You must have a registered lien clause in your credit contracts along with an event of default clause.

2. Chattel mortgage

A contract between you and your customer by which your sold goods, and those of other suppliers, are used as security against the credits accorded your customer, including an additional hypothec to cover fees incurred. The agreement must be signed by you and your customer and published in the Québec Registre des droits personnels et réels mobiliers (Register of Personal and Moveable Real Rights). This security holds rank as of the date of registration.

3. General security agreement or gsa

A contract between you and your customer to secure credits for big amounts. It constitutes a charge on all your customer’s assets. This contract must be published in the personal property registry in the province where the goods are sold or in the Uniform Commercial Code in USA. This security holds rank as of its date of publication.

4. Purchase money security interest (pmsi)

A contract between you and your customer to conserve your right of ownership pending payment. You may repossess your goods in case of default. This contract must be published and holds first ranking lien.

5. Personal guarantee

Company owners personally answer for the payment of all sums due should their company be unable to pay, both now and in the future.

**Source: Deschênes Beaudoin – Avocats

Our way to protect your credit sales through online registration.

Assistance in signing contracts. Contracts are available for each of the sureties described above.

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